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We make pay stubs, check stubs, printable pay stubs,  to be printed on on real check paper using our pay stub templates.  We make the pay stubs, we print out the pay stubs, we scan the check stub and  then we email or fax the printable pay stub  to you the check stub customer.   We always email the pay stubs,  If you need the original pay stub we always have it on file, If you need an updated check stub we can provide and update or continuation of previous printable pay stubs.  Our printable pay stubs are ideal for use as proof of income.   If you need a phone number for employment verification we can provide it.  If you need a company name, we can provide it.  This is why we have a 90% success rate when it comes to financing a car or renting an apartment.   We have been Providing this service longer than all of the other check stub making companies combined, experience you can trust, with us you don’t just get a check stub you get an entire pay stub service.

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Self Employed People – People who work for cash – Entrepreneurs

Car Dealers – Loan Modifications



Originals available if needed – Updates available if needed – Many styles to choose from – Many categories on stubs –Not generic looking

Custom stubs available – Can provide a phone number – Can provide a company name – Can add logos

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We do all of the calculations and year-to-date for your printable pay stubs.   The pay stubs are always sent to you via email.  There is an option to have the original pay stubs sent via regular or express mail.    You can also receive the original pay stubs by having check paper in your printer.  Our pay stubs are of  the highest quality and are an excellent source for proof of income.  We also offer employment verification, job reference and can provide you with a company for an additional fee find these under other services.

Printable pay stubs are processed in 3 to 5 hours depending on our volume when paying with a credit or debit card.  There is an option to have the check stubs expedited and emailed within an hour for an additional fee when paying with a debit or credit card, due to a high fraud rate credit orders take longer to process.  If orders are received after normal business day they will be processed the,  following morning.    

Why use pay stub service over the others?  We make real  printable pay stubs, if you need an original pay stub we can provide it.  You don’t want to be driving around in your new car and then one day the finance company calls and says we need your original pay stubs.  It happens all the time with us you don’t have to worry, because we also do continuations, that means you can get check stubs in January, if finance calls and says they need updated pay stubs in December, we got you covered, the others can not do this for you.   We also have over 100 pay stub templates, so two people can go to the same place with different printable pay stubs.  Or if you are a dealership who does a lot of  pay stubs you can always pick different ones so they don’t all look the same.   We are ultimately flexible and can ad categories to your check stubs such as commission, bonus, medical and dental, vacation and sick.  Click here to see our cash discounts. We have a new service we offer for those who are using their own company.   We can put a website on your pay stubs right below the company address, this adds legitimacy to your company and makes it much easier to get approved when the finance company or landlord sees their is an active website attached to your business we put the website up in the same day and it is good for a year.  To get started on any of our services click here, to submit your information. 

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If you have a questions, you can call 1-800-678-9818

  email us at PayStubService@Gmail.com