The answer is yes we do have ADP stubs, templates 29,31, and 32 and maybe a couple of others, the truth is we can put the ADP logo on any stub, we can put any logo on any stub.  The thing about the ADP stubs is they are traceable.  In others words if the company you are using to put on your stubs does not use ADP as their payroll service, you might have a problem, because any good loan officer can call ADP to verify whether or not the company is one of their accounts.   Lately their has been a lot of ADP fake stubs on the market and they look like this.

It has been used so much the a lot of banks are on to it.  We have been doing this for over 10 years that is why we have over 1000 templates, the banks can’t be on to our stubs because we have such a variety of stubs.  These new pay stub companies are just learning the tricks of the trade, a trade that we created.