In most cases customers only require an emailed copy of the check stubs because they are going to be emailed or faxed to the finance company, bank, credit union, land lord, etc..

However in some cases customers require the original check stubs.  In the situation we have two remedies the first is pretty obvious, we would mail them to you, thru the regular mail.  We have 3 options for that regular mail 3.00, 2day mail 31.00 and next day mail 41.00.  The other option is to buy check paper, if you have the proper check paper in your printer, we can send the stubs to you in a format so that you print our the original yourself.   This requires check paper form 1000, form 1000 means the paper is split into 3 parts, the top part is for the check to print on, the bottom two portions are for the stub to print on.  If you have this type of check paper you can print out the originals.  You can buy this type of check paper at Staples, Office Depot, Sams Club and on line at