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Double check all your information for typos and errors, we try to catch all typos an incorrect spellings but we can not catch them all. You will also be getting a copy of the form in your email once completed, so you can triple check your information, the subject will be the “COMPANY NAME” you provided.  Please use the same email address on this form and your payment form.  Normal time is 3 to 5 hours with options of getting them within an hour.  If you order after hours you will get your stubs the following morning. 

To get the stubs in an hour, you need to pay 25.00 for the expedited service on our website or if you pay thru Zelle you get them in an hour no extra charge. 

WARNING: ADP check stub users,  ADP is a payroll company, if you choose to use an ADP stub, please be aware if your company is not an ADP client, it can be checked by a bank, finance company or land lord, really it can be check by anyone, all you have to do is place a call.

Send us the information you want on the check stubs
If this is a previous check stub, give us the details at the bottom of the page in the notes.
Bi weekly means, every 2 weeks on a certain day of the week usually Monday thru Friday. Semi Monthly is 2 times per month usually on two specific days, like 1st and 15th, 5th and 20th, 15th and 30th, etc... If you get paid monthly give us the day of the month, the default will be the 5th. For semi monthly pay the default is the 1st and 15th. For weekly and bi weekly pay the default is Friday.
Want to pick a check stub template? CLICK HERE, put the number you want in the notes on the form where you submit your information for the check stubs.