Did you want a specific check stub template? if so click here to view the templates then put the number of the template you want in the notes at the bottom of the form.  If you don’t pick one you will get the default stub of the day.  We randomly use different stubs as not to flood the market with the same type of stub.  

Also is you don’t choose a pay period we will use the default pay period and that is, for hourly pay bi weekly on Fridays and for Salary pay it will be Semi Monthly on the 1st and 15th.  All income information is assumed to be gross unless otherwise noted.  Gross the amount before taxes are taken out.  The Net amount is the amount after the taxes are taken out. Once again all figures are assumed to be gross unless other wise indicated.  

This is where we start the process, you will need to enter the information you want on the pay stub(s).  Double check your information before you submit it, we will not be responsible for your mistakes.    If we catch obvious mistakes we will fix them, but we can not catch everything and will not be responsible for your mistakes.  Also mistakes, inconsistencies, and omissions will cause your stubs to be put to the end of the processing que delaying them from our normal processing time.  Normal time is 3 to 5 hours, if your form has mistakes, or omissions or we cant understand the information you provided, it will take longer.  If you order after normal business hours you will receive your stubs the following morning.   Also if the name on the card does not match the name on the stubs it will take longer to process your order.

If you have a particular stub sample that you want us to use, put it at the bottom of this form in the additional info, otherwise we will use the default stub of the day.

If the monthly amount you put is "after taxes" put in the additional info at the bottom of this form, otherwise we will assume is it gross (before taxes)

If you want any of our other services such as, EXPEDITE, EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATION, REFERENCE SERVICE, REGULAR MAIL, 2 DAY MAIL OR EXPRESS MAIL, you will need to add them to the cart before you make the payment at checkout.

You will be getting a copy of this form in your email the subject will be, your company name.  Look it over after you make your payment, to catch any mistakes or changes you might have.

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Below put the company name and address you want on the stub(s), if you need us to provide one put "please provide" , we do charge for that service.

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Below put the name and address you want on the stub(s).

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Below put your position or department at the company, also employee number, or leave blank and if required on the stub we will put a default.

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How long on the job? If less than a year give hire date.

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How much do you make?  How are you paid hourly or salary? is it paid weekly, bi weekly, semi monthly or monthly?  If weekly or bi weekly what day of the week?  If Semi monthly is it the - 1st & 15th -15th & 30th - 5th & 20th - 10th & 25th  or if monthly what day of the month? or whatever just let us know below. (Note: We deal in gross figures, that means before taxes are taken out, so if you want an after tax figure please say it. 

Pay information:

Are you using regular paper or check paper?  We always use check paper and then print the stub out and scan it then email it to you, but if you have your own check paper you will print the original stub out yourself so we have to send it in a different format.  Let us know below.

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Notes or comments, put any detailed information below. If you don't pick a template we will use the default template of the day.  If you want a specific template put the number in the notes belowCLICK HERE FOR TEMPLATES

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