Why Car Dealers Prefer Pay Stub Service


A lot of car dealers use our service all over the country on a regular basis.  The reason why Car Dealers prefer our service is because we have a 90% success rate, over 100,000 check stub templates available to us we only have about 180 Check Ctub Samples listed on our website because it would be too time consuming to list them all but they come in handy for our default check stubs. 

Another reason Car Dealers prefer our service is because we can provide the original check stub if needed.   We can also provide updates and continuations of previous check stubs if needed, even years later if needed, for things like refinancing or getting another car from the same place. 

We can also provide Employment Verification and or Provide A Company Name for a client who only makes cash and has no way to prove their income.  We also provide other services for clients such as putting logos on check stubs and websites on check stubs.

With our Phone Exchange Service a client can arrange for their own employment verification or reference. 

Now a days there are many other companies making check stubs for people who need them but none of these companies can compare to PayStubService.com, most of these other companies provide generic looking stubs or ADP check stubs that look exactly alike.  The problem with this is that the banks and finance companies get use to seeing these stubs and know that they are fake as soon as they see them.  With PayStubService our check stubs are unique making them immune to extra scrutiny.  Every check stub is made by a human not software therefore every check stub is unique.  All of the above  is why Dealers prefer PayStubService.com.